Through Magareeshi Productions I aim to inspire greater health, happiness and natural living by creating products, teachings and experiences that brighten your life.


My Magareeshi Manifesto (I love alliteration!):

✴ To create and share things that make the world a brighter place.
✴ To use yoga, art, music, and deliciousness to foster deeper consciousness, greater peace, and lots of fun.
✴ To help people understand that leading a natural and yogic life is easy.
✴ To support meaningful social causes with donations or by promoting them.

More than anything else in my life and work, it is my intention for us all to have fun while living yogically!

In my world sleep, music, yoga and tasty, organic food are absolute necessities.

Loose leaf tea, earrings, steaming hot baths and wine are always fabulous ideas.

Ego is overrated, and being judgy and mean (to myself or others) is a definite NO.

Fantasizing about being a rockstar is totally reasonable.

Striving to brighten the world is a must.

At the end of the day, LOVE, GRATITUDE, CONNECTION, and LAUGHTER are what really matter.

I aim to be healthy and yogic while making my ideas come to life. I am someone who shares anything good in the world I know of; loves freely on people (and dogs); inspires others through yoga, music and natural living; is a domestic goddess of holistic homeyness, a playfully mindful mom, and a solid partner to my indefatigable husband. Above all else, I try to be kind and happy every day!

I want my life and work to inspire others to live brightly ever after!

My Story 

I’m Maggie Verderame — aka, Magareeshi. Magareeshi is a nickname given to me because I’m somewhat of a “yogi.” I don’t think I’m like The Maharishi or anything! In fact, I’m totally against the whole “guru” thing. (So, if you’re looking for me to be your guru, I must tell you now, I won’t do it! You are your own guru. I am happy to inspire your inner guru to guide you. But that’s all. I mean, sheesh, I don’t levitate, nor am I better than you are. I may have some insights for you, but when you apply them, your own brilliance will shine through — and what I want is for you to be shiny, happy YOU! Ok, now back to me ...)

On paper, I am a singer-songwriter and a yoga teacher. I’m also a happily married mindful mommy, a vegetarian home cook, and a creator of FUNctional art and jewelry. Yoga is the foundation for everything I create. I’ve been doing yoga since 1992, when I was 19 years old. (You do the math!)

When I was about 10 years old I was diagnosed with scoliosis. If you don’t already know, scoliosis is a misaligned curvature of the spine. My case was severe enough to warrant wearing a custom-made hard brace that encased my entire torso. I wore my brace 23 hours a day, allowed only to take it off for an hour of stretching, swimming or bathing. As I grew, so did the severity of my spine’s curve.