No matter how dark it gets out there,
it's always sunny under my umbrella!
Come on in! 

Read about the yoga-inspired options I offer to brighten your life ...


HOLISTIC HOMEYNESS: As a yogic lifestyle guide, I work to inspire and support you in living more naturally with heightened awareness and whimsy.

✴ Nutritious vegetarian recipes that kids and adults love
✴ Instruction for leading a truly natural, yogically-inspired lifestyle
✴ Guidance on how to incorporate more mindfulness into your home life
✴ Inspiration for creating consciously arranged, highly functional, fanciful spaces
✴ A rich line of delicious organic, loose leaf, hand blended teas and other yummies from my Cottage Foods-Licensed Magareeshi Homequarters

Magareeshi Teas, Cookbooks, E-Courses, Workshops,
Free Online Instruction

ENLIGHTENED ENTERTAINMENT: I use music, art, events, and online media to offer you entertainment that is intentional, uplifting, community building, inspiring, and connected to doing good in the world. 

✴ I am a professional singer-songwriter, the host of my own YouTube show (“Namast-YAY!” on Magareeshi TV, coming soon), and the maker of pretty objects. Some pieces are ready made, others can be commissioned.


  • Book Me For Your Live Event — Performances can be combined with specialty yoga classes, if you like. I especially love to play brunches, festivals, house concerts, and gigs supporting great causes! But, I am openminded, so if you are coordinating a musical event on the moon or someplace, feel free to try me.
  • Original Music In The Genre Of Americana-Folk-Rock — I make music for adults AND kids**
  • Commissionable music in multiple genres — Always wanted someone to write a song just for you? Have a film, dance, or art piece you need a contextual piece written for? Need a lyricist for a musical? Hitting a new milestone in your beautiful life that you’d like a song to epitomize (think, wedding, special birthday, birth/adoption of a child...)? I’m your writer! I collaborate with skilled and accomplished musician, composer and musical arranger, Vincent Verderame (who also happens to be my husband because I am one lucky girl!) to create your unique piece. We have a state-of-the art home music studio complete with all sorts of instruments, a slew of incredible musicians to call on as needed, and all things digital to get your job done when you want it done. Wait no longer, let’s brainstorm your MAGic Music!

✴ ART —

  • Healing Gemstone Jewelry — Mostly, I make earrings and pendants. I especially love making commissioned pieces so I that when I am making your version of crown jewels, I can put extra love and intentionality into them. All jewelry comes packaged in a pretty little pouch with adorable cards listing the whimsical and healing properties of the materials used.
  • FUNctional Art — Artful items that serve a purpose. Currently I am making beaded bookmarks (you know, for old fashioned books), photo/love note mobiles, greeting cards, and wooden storage boxes/purses. My favorite materials to work with are those that are strong and flexible, like a yogi!

✴ EVENTS —  

  • Artful Tea Parties™ — OMG, you would love an Artful Tea Party™. These charitable events where I share my teas and handmade goodies, are like a super fun art bazaar in your living room! You don’t have to lift a finger ... just kick back sipping deliciousness (made by me) with your besties, and, for opening your home to me, you get FREE tea and baubles! Contact me to have a look-see at my fancy little tea catalogue and to chat about booking your party.  Every Artful Tea Party™ is a Purposeful Party™!  You pick the secular charity of your choice and I donate a percentage of my sales.  Look at you, having a do-gooder good time!  Parties can be customized in about a zillion ways.  HINT:  add a yoga class or house concert!

Original Music, Performances, Handmade Frippery

YOGA FOR EVERYONE: My mission — and I choose to accept it — is to show you how yogic principles can be practically applied to your life regardless of age, experience, belief system or physical capabilities.

✴ MP Do Yoga Program™ — Yoga classes and workshops for adults, as well as trainings and development/team-building workshops for professionals.

✴ MP Do Yoga Online Program™ — Online instruction for you to explore and experience at your own pace, in your own space.

  • Yogic E-Courses. Allow me the honor of supporting your journey! I present information in a lighthearted and clear way to bring more clarity to your physical yoga practice, more mindfulness to your home life, more healthy yumminess to your diet, and more ease and fun to your family as you venture to lead a yogic lifestyle in our modern day world.
  • Live yoga classes plus Q&A coming to my facebook page soon!

✴ MP Kids Do Yoga Program™ — Age appropriate yoga classes for kids and their families from infant through 16 years old, as well as trainings for prenatal and kids yoga teachers.

✴ MP Do Yoga On Campus Program™ — Age appropriate yoga instruction and peace education for students at schools and daycare/after school centers, as well as trainings and development workshops for school staff and other professionals working with kids.

Bookable Workshops/Specialty Classes,
Audio & Video Instruction,
E-Courses, E-Guides

*To inquire about viewing my product catalogue, or hiring me for services, contact me today.

**Check out my kids album, “1 Frog Leg” by Ms. Maggie & Mr. V. Especially enjoyed by wee kids, 8 years old and under.