November 2018 Gratitude Prompt #3


We have arrived at week 3 of Thanksgiving Gratitude Prompts, and the week of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US — hooray!

This week is all about noticing:
Notice just how many things you really have to be grateful for.

Nothing is too small! When I get quiet and tune into all I have to be grateful for, the amount of seemingly teensy weensy things that I think of surprises me. These teensy weensy things that could so easily be overlooked add up to a whole heap of a wonderful life.

Every day this week, list 3 things you are grateful for. But… Just 3.

Then, notice how many more things come to mind that you are grateful for. Also notice how, as if though magic, you stay in a noticing mindset all day long.

Gratitude grows!

(If I were a twitter-er, I’d ask you to retweet that statement! If you are a twitter-er, feel free — add #mpgratitudeprompt2018. I’m about to grab a fabric marker and write this on a t-shirt for myself. Old school tweeting!)

When we focus on gratitude, we see that we have SO MUCH to be grateful for and our mind gets reset to think grateful thoughts in the midst of our day to day.

For example, we wash dishes and maybe we notice we are rushing though this task with a mind that’s focused elsewhere, or maybe we are feeling annoyed about having to do the dishes at all. Then we remember we can choose to think a grateful thought in that moment, ‘I am grateful for these dishes. I am grateful for all the food I have to eat on them and all the good times had over many meals during my life. I am grateful for the people who share my life with me and for my life itself. What a wonderful life I get to lead in which I can wash my abundant dishes!’

Okay. Maybe I got a little overexcited with that last example statement but, you get my drift. And, when I really do let myself go to a place of feeling deep gratitude, I really do get that gratefully excited!

Gratitude Prompt 3 - LIST.png

I’m getting inspired by these prompts right along with you. Here are the first three things that came to my mind, which is now rolling through about a zillion things to list...


  • LOVE! The love I experience coming into and flowing out from my heart every single day. The love I receive from my family and friends and the love they inspire me to cultivate and share with them. The teachings that remind me that we are each love and love is all (and all we need, Thanks Beatles!).

  • ORGANIC PUMPKIN PUREE! The fact that I can make all the pumpkin goodness I want on the daily right now even when I haven’t done the work of roasting/steaming and pureeing whole pumpkins all season long really does pumpkin spice up my day.

  • INSPIRATIONAL WORDS! I love writing them. I love hearing them. love reading them. I love their energy, their power, their ability to express and excite and make me contemplate.

This list really could go on and on and on and on. I mean, I didn’t even mention my dishes!

Please share this blog post with loved ones and on social media to keep the gratitude growing this month! We’ve got one more Sunday after today for the 2018 installment of Magareeshi Thanksgiving Gratitude Prompts and next week’s prompt is a very reflective one. Be sure to add your personal responses and #mpgratitudeprompt2018 so we can all follow along and be inspired by each other!

Thank you! I’m grateful for you and all you are sharing through this fun little endeavor of positive energy!