Ultimate Red Juice -- Perfect for Spring!

Ever notice how each season gives us lots of new food inspiration, even though with modern farming technology we can get off-season foods readily? I love eating and drinking in alignment with the seasons and I know our bodies function best when we do so.

Post-winter I begin to crave the brighter side of the rainbow of garden goodness, leaving behind heavier, warming dishes and reaching for lighter, cleansing, cooling treats.

Nothing says spring to me like just-picked herbs, baby veggies, succulent berries and fresh juices!

This Ultimate Red Juice is as gorgeous as it is tasty, and as nutritious as it is lovable. Packed with vitaminC and antioxidants, it tastes enough like heaven that even your littlest/finickiest juice-drinkers will enjoy it—even though it’s full of beets!

We can mix in-season ingredients with well stored off-season flavors we love and still reap the benefits, like I’m doing here today with this juice. In the US apples are everywhere pretty much all year long and you can usually find pomegranate seeds in the freezers at natural grocery stores (when I first discovered this, I did a dance at Whole Foods). Both apples and pomegranates boast incredible health benefits regardless of the season and they pair beautifully with the springy strawberries and beets in this juice.

We tend to focus on external cleaning during spring, but April is a great time to do a little internal spring cleaning before you embark on clearing closet clutter. Say that three times fast! And send me a video.

Why not Marie Kondo-ify your home in the coming months with a delightful, fortifying mocktail in hand? This pretty juice might even inspire you to paint a wall its color (I want to!).

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Ultimate Red Juice for blog.png


by Maggie Verderame

1 cup pomegranate seeds
2 red beets
About 10 big strawberries
1 medium red apple
(All organic!)

Juice all ingredients on high speed in a typical juicer, or use a masticating juicer if you have one.

Yields approximately 1½-2 cups juice (depending on juicer and state of fruit), making 3-4 half-cup servings.

I highly encourage you to enjoy this on a patio while watching bees buzz and flowers bloom with loved ones.