With special certification in kids yoga, I integrated all my studies and years of teaching yoga with my education in early child development and experience as a preschool-K teacher and homeschooling mother to develop a unique, all-encompassing approach to guiding classes for kids, families, caregivers and people who work with kids.  My Kids Do Yoga Program is thorough, de-mystifying, age-appropriate, and fun.  My specialty workshops and trainings are clear, creative, inspiring and empowering.  All offerings are non-dogmatic and welcoming to everyone.

Classes are designed to nurture children of all ages with respect, support, encouragement, joy, and inspiration.  Using yoga, I provide opportunities for attaining skill sets that can contribute to one’s whole life — emotionally, educationally, physically, and socially.

Enhance your offerings by hosting my entire public class program (or whichever classes tickle you most), specialty workshops and day camps at your studio.  Schools and learning centers, inquire to have my campus classes/trainings at your location.  Contact me to host my classes.

Dates/locations for current public classes/workshops:

PRENATAL POWER: August 18, 2018 10am-1pm
Baby's 1st Day Midwifery - 332 South Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89107


Kids Who Do Yoga:

  • Have lots of fun
  • Are creative, expressive & imaginative
  • Have great body awareness
  • Understand their mind-body connection
  • Develop & improve strength & flexibility 
  • Develop & improve balance & coordination
  • Enhance athletic ability & avoid/recover from injury well
  • Have improved digestion & circulation
  • Utilize their breath for health & relaxation
  • Boost their immune system
  • Are self-confident & have great self-esteem
  • Have a sense of self-discipline & self-control
  • Are calm & less reactive
  • Are quite self-directed & empowered
  • Tend to sleep well
  • Learn environmental awareness
  • Feel connected to the world around them
  • Enjoy a strong sense of community
  • Respect them self & others
  • See more possibilities
  • Have improved concentration, focus & attention
  • Boost their brain power & are focused learners
  • Enjoy clear minds
  • Enjoy & respect quiet time
  • Enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing
  • Tap into their own sense of ability, magic & wonder

On a daily basis we all encounter situations that can be dealt with "yogically."  That is, they can be looked at through a positive lens and handled calmly with deep breaths, clear communication, an ability to go with the flow, an open mind, and a willing heart.  However, as we are growing up we are not always given tools to confront life this way.  Enter:  yoga for kids!

Most people in the West discover yoga as adults.  In this day and age when life seems to move at a nonstop pace and children face more stress with less time to recover from it, it has never been more important for them to be given the gift of yoga.  Yoga is an ancient science of the human body and mind.  Practicing yoga reminds us of the true and constant happiness we are all born with.  It offers freedom of expression; tools for self-knowing, self-confidence, self-awareness; simple means of experiencing fun; deep connection to the quiet, imaginative space of the mind; and true physical health.

My Kids Do Yoga Program™ reminds kids of their brilliance and importance, demonstrates how to care for one’s self and one another respectfully, uplifts gratitude, happiness and playfulness, and shares a message of hope for a bright world.  It is my intention to support all levels of living and learning for kids.  My hope is that children apply what they learn through this program to become happy, well adjusted individuals who lead peaceful lives with heart and passion.

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  • develops/improves strength & flexibility 
  • improves concentration, focus & attention
  • develops/improves balance & coordination
  • improves general body awareness
  • boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improves sleeping patterns
  • encourages mind/body connection
  • promotes calm and ability to be less reactive
  • expands creative expression & imagination
  • aids digestion, circulation & elimination
  • promotes respect for self & others
  • improves immune system function
  • teaches environmental awareness, earth care
  • teaches an overall sense of connectedness
  • promotes self-discipline and self-control
  • clears the mind, promotes learning-readiness
  • promotes an overall sense of well-being

Lots of good reasons, eh?!

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class descriptions...

A wide range of joyful, inspiring classes offered on a session basis (8/10 weeks each).  

The fee for each KDY public class is listed per session, per participant.  There must be 8 participants in a class for it to run.

20% off sibling discounts available for siblings enrolled during the same session.

BRING THE BABY 1™ (ages 3-10/12 months)
BRING THE BABY 2 (ages 10/12-17 months) -- 60 minutes/8 weeks, $160
In this lively and joyful class, parents/caregivers come together with their baby to share the peaceful beauty and healthful benefits of yoga.  Creative sequences incorporate the babies into the postures we explore.  We offer insights to guide parents/caregivers on ways to practice with their baby at home, too!

TOT POWER (ages 18-36 months) -- 30 minutes/10 weeks, $120
A playful yoga practice for toddlers with the help of their parents/caregivers is taught in a developmentally appropriate manner to aid in the ever-growing exploration of our littlest yogis' amazing bodies.  Class includes simple lessons, songs and activities about joy, having fun, kindness and centering one's self.

KID POWER 1 (ages 3-5 years)
(ages 6-8 years) -- 40 minutes/10 weeks, $130
Fun, creative yoga sequences directed at the appropriate level for the boys and girls in these classes are interwoven with simple lessons, songs and activities about health, courage, kindness and compassion.

‘TWEEN POWER (ages 9-12 years) -- 45 minutes/8 weeks, $140
We weave positive affirmations into the postures to help encourage kids to trust their inner voice and work together while boosting brain-power, kindness and compassion.  By using creative sequences and games, we captivate the imagination of this age group.

TEEN POWER (ages 13-15 years) -- 60 minutes/8 weeks, $150
Made up of flowing sequences that will build and tone muscles, enhance balance, increase stamina and boost brain power, these classes inspire high self-esteem, having fun, inner strength, empowerment, community connection, kindness and compassion.

Additional experiences beyond the exploration of yoga solely through the body.  Yogactivities include fun meditations, age-appropriate chanting, story telling and acting out, inspirational arts and crafts, and more!  These are blended into classes and sometimes offered as take-home activities.

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enriching opportunities...

I can teach the teachers.  I can teach the kids.  You choose!

Kids Do Yoga On Campus™ in many ways!  Choose the options below that are right for your school, then contact me to discuss details and request a proposal.

Yoga classes taught by me can be part of your school day (usually paid for by school/PTO) or as part of your after school enrichment program (usually paid for by students directly).  Trainings and staff development workshops are available for teachers and all school staff.  Training workshops are the most budget friendly and empowering option for schools as they liberate you to lead your own classes indefinitely and incorporate yoga into your unique school in the ways that fit best.


To bring the KDY On Campus™ After School Program to your classes, simply contact me and we will set it all up based on your school’s desires, needs, schedule and availability.  I can bring yoga mats/props or support your school in purchasing your own.  I bring all supplies and materials needed for yoga classes.  

After school yoga classes are taught in sessions.  Students opt in and pay for sessions in full during the registration period.  Typically these are mixed level/age classes taught on a weekly basis for $8 per student, per class, with a minimum of 10 kids registered for each session, but can be customized to suit your students best.  Drop-ins are welcome at $10 per class.  I am somewhat flexible on pricing for this program so as to make yoga available to low income families so please communicate with me if that is a concern!


When hired to work as part of an entire school’s enrichment programming, I lead regularly occurring yoga classes for every classroom/grade level.  Scheduling yoga classes is determined based on each school’s needs and availability. 

The price for 30 minute school day classes is $35 per class.  Typically I come to a school once monthly and rotate through each class -or- students rotate to me if I am set up in a gym/multipurpose room. I can bring yoga mats/props or support your school in purchasing your own.  I bring all supplies and materials needed for yoga classes.



School Rate = $1,950 (offered at your school/location for up to 30 school staff members, $50 per additional participant) 

Individual Rate = $75 (offered by me at my choice of location, must have a minimum of 10 participants to run)

ELEMENTARY: Ideal for teachers working in classrooms directly with students Kindergarten — Grades 5/6.
JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL:  Ideal for teachers working in classrooms directly with students Grades 6 — 8/9.
HIGH SCHOOL:  Ideal for teachers working in classrooms directly with students Grades 8/9 — 12.

Taught on one day in two, 3.5 hour blocks with a half hour lunch break, this training workshop is designed to support classroom teachers most, but it is a great school staff development experience for administrators, counselors, nurses, etc..  Grade levels may be combined when offering this training to a whole school, however additional training time may need to be added and there may be an additional fee.  This workshop is being applied to be able to offer CEU’s to educators.

An incredibly empowering day for teachers and school staff!  Even those who have never taught yoga or have little personal yoga experience, leave feeling confident in their ability to share yoga with their students and schools.  Teachers are left with a clear, concise manual they can easily refer to as they embark on sharing yoga with their students, plus some super handy supplies to use in their classrooms.  I have included resource pages in the manual too, so teachers can find yoga books, tools, teaching support, music, etc. as they need.

Wear stretchy pants/comfy workout attire because you will twist and shout (not really!) throughout the day.  In this workshop we cover a broad range of topics in detail including:  
☀ developmental stages

☀ introduction to yoga in general

☀ research data depicting the usefulness of yoga in schools/for students

☀ how to lesson plan full classes including a lesson planning outline/template

☀ how to lesson plan yoga tidbits or segments which can be inserted into daily classroom routines

☀ when to utilize yoga for optimal balance and performance in the classroom

☀ specifics of yoga with early elementary kids/t’weens/teens

☀ brain/body development and how yoga supports/applies

☀ detailed posture work -- personal explorative practice

☀ how to teach each posture

☀ benefits of each posture

☀ practice sequencing -- detailed guidance on how to structure age-appropriate yoga sequences

☀ how to set up space to empower kids to practice yoga/meditation in the classroom on their own

☀ how to teach simple meditation/breathing exercises to refocus kids' minds and settle their bodies

☀ how to empower kids to practice meditation exercises on their own

☀ how to use yoga/mindfulness to calm anxiety and regulate emotions

☀ how to start a yoga club and/or after school program at school

☀ how to incorporate a full yoga class into the classroom on a weekly basis


Working toward a class trip?  Need some nifty art supplies, sports gear or computer lab equipment? I am HAPPY to support your school's financial growth and help you and your students achieve goals.

Inquire with me to discuss the many options I can supply you with.  Examples:  Host a Family Yoga Workshop for which I split the proceeds with your school, offer my after school program with a "change up" up-charge option to help your students raise money for a specific need, add a yoga booth to your next school carnival.  I am open to your ideas and think it's fantastic to combine yoga and school fundraising to help you grow!  I'd be honored to support your efforts and get to work with the next generation of amazing philanthropists!  


USEFUL TIDBITS FOR SCHOOLS TO PONDER...  The scope of yoga in a school is wide.  It can encompass everything from full yoga classes to PE/sports enrichment, or from minute-long breathing/stretching breaks to concentrative practices for test preparation.  Various yoga practices can even be used successfully during transition periods and to capture or shift the attention of students.

Educational Tie-Ins:  To name a few, the study of yoga in a classroom can be linked to geography lessons, history lessons, language lessons, PE lessons, health lessons, nutrition and culinary lessons, and the study of world customs.  Additionally, various classroom materials, books, and projects can extend to the practice/study of yoga.

Peace Education:  A classroom can become a haven for peaceful practices that reach well beyond a school.  Supportive of non-violence, yoga and mindfulness lead to calm, happy people who notice the good in everyone, everywhere.  Students bring their classroom experiences to their personal lives.  When there is continual emphasis put on peace education at school, it permeates their whole life.

Non-Biased / Non-Affiliated:  My way of teaching yoga in schools is completely unrelated to any spiritual or religious belief system.  The intent is to be welcoming and useful to absolutely everyone, regardless of personal background or beliefs.  Focus is placed on the body and the mind and how to work with them to bring about greater overall health, strength, flexibility, balance, calmness, awareness of one’s self, awareness of others, creativity, mental clarity, emotional stability, academic skills, and problem solving skills.

one-day retreats for kids...

Much like Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days for adults, these day camps give kids a great opportunity to practice yoga, learn about nutrition, food prep and natural living, create lovely things for themselves and their loved ones, participate in community, explore age-appropriate meditation and more!  In fact, Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days were born out of adults saying things like, "Man, I wish I could attend your kids yoga camp!"

Facilitated for ages 7-10 years and 11-14 years, camp is a super fun way for kids to unite through yoga and co-create healthy learning experiences while building community spirit and an expanded world view!

Tuition for camp is $149 per child. 
20% off sibling discount when kids are registered for camps during the same period (even if attending separate camps).

Camps are open to 12 kids / must have 8 kids registered to run.

Tuition includes all snacks, beverages, lunch, supplies, classes, yoga mats/props, workshops, and more!

What We Do At Yoga Camp:

☀ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

☀ Includes lunch and snacks … kids help prepare organic, all-natural foods

☀ Yoga practices & workshops

☀ Tons of fun, yogic activities and games

☀ Handicraft projects like mandala painting/coloring, relaxation/mindfulness crafts, inspired art from the heart, handmade natural products

☀ Age appropriate discussions on topics like mindfulness, growth mindset, and happy living

☀ Journaling / vision board creation

☀ “Pet Project” … kids select a useful project to adopt beyond the camp day and create a think-tank to discuss how they may make positive change in the world

Specialty Workshops.png

workshop options...

Customizable workshops can be discussed.  I am always happy to explore your needs/curiosities and create new courses to suit you and the kids you care about.

These workshops are already fully developed and available for booking:

FAMILY POWER™ (ages 4-adult) -- 1 hour,
$35 per family (8 family minimum)

An especially vibrant and lively class blending adult and kids yoga in a family friendly way, deepening familial connection and offering something for everyone.  Yogactivities™ are always incorporated into this workshop and students leave with inspiration and resources to keep their family practicing yoga and mindfulness together at home.


PRENATAL POWER™ — Strength & Stamina for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Beyond (pregnant mamas) -- 3 hours, $65 (8 mama minimum)
To birth a baby is to be strong and empowered!  Yoga is incredibly strengthening and empowering! 

This workshop provides instruction on relaxation, tension relief and baby-bonding, plus an energizing, toning yoga practice and breathing exercises which aid in preparing for the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Students will be given individual attention and skillfully guided through each posture and provided with a comprehensive guide so you can practice with confidence on your own, whenever you want — because getting to a yoga class when you’re pregnant isn’t always possible! Condition your body, calm your mind, energize your spirit!  Prior yoga experience is helpful, but not required.  

All levels welcome!


This workshop is ideal for caregivers and teachers working with toddlers and children in daycare centers (in-home -or- commercial) and early learning environments such as preschools, after school programs, kindergartens and early elementary classes who would like to confidently lead the children in their charge through yoga postures while inspiring healthy habits and emotional wellbeing and self-regulation.  It has been approved by the Nevada Registry and the Nevada Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning & Development (approval code:  63087).

In this workshop we cover a broad range of topics in detail including:
☀ how yoga supports a developing brain and body

☀ how to structure and lead age appropriate yoga classes and sequences of various lengths

☀ how to set up a yoga center for independent exploration

☀ how to use yoga as a group for transitions or breaks

☀ how to teach postures and breathing techniques for emotional wellbeing

☀ how to inspire healthy choices with yoga

☀ how to lesson plan around yoga/yogic topics

Participants will actually practice all they are learning throughout the day.  This provides understanding of the same kinesthetic learning experience kids have when they practice yoga.  It also creates a stronger sense of community with the group of trainees and deeper understanding of how to guide yoga for kids.  Wear stretchy pants!

Participants will leave with a unique manual outlining all they’ve learned plus additional information and resources to support their journey of sharing yoga with young yogis.

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