A common belief is that you will always need a teacher in order to practice yoga.  With me, it’s more like you enroll in an educational course that will fuel you for life.  A very personalized course that gives you the tools you need to keep yourself healthy and fit through mindful yoga!  THAT is what I want for you.  You even get materials that will continue to serve your practice needs in the future.

Look, I’m sure we’ll be buddies and enjoy our time together lots, but you and I both know that neither of us wants to commit to me showing up on your doorstep week after week for the rest of your life.  How is you needing me indefinitely, empowering for you?!  Instead, let’s commit to a specific period of time to hunker down and work together, taking you to personal mastery.  Then, like all amazing baby birds, you’ll be ready to fly (and balance, and twist, and strengthen, and relax, and experience inner peace…) — anywhere, anytime.

A guru is simply a bringer of light; a person who can illuminate what another cannot see is within them.  Good gurus love it when their students don’t need to cling to them in order to illuminate the world.  In this sense, I’ll delight in being your guru… for a limited time.  Then, once you’re aware of your shininess (and clearly understand the how-to of your own yoga practice), you’ll be able to brighten your own life with yoga forevermore!

Private Instruction Header.png

15 weeks, customized private instruction: $2,850 per individual client

15 weeks, customized semi private instruction: $1,625 per additional client,
up to 4 people

(great for partners, two couples, or small adult families who want to practice together and are willing to practice on their own/together between sessions)

☀15 weekly lessons — 2 hours each, in-person on location

☀Personalized instruction with special support and individualized modifications tailored to meet your unique needs

☀All yoga props necessary for practice and comfort during lessons

☀A stylish yoga journal & pen set

☀Personalized yoga manual with “habit tracker” and instructional handouts

☀A resource list to keep you motivated and inspired

☀Clear yoga homework assignments for between sessions

☀Personalized video/audio instruction based on what you are personally learning to support your practice between sessions

☀May also include written recipes and inspirational musings to support your whole lifestyle

☀Lifetime discounted VIP rate for Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days and e-courses

☀3 Magareeshi Teas (flavors gifted monthly throughout our session

10 For 10 Header-2.png

10 weeks semi-private group classes for up to 10 people at your location: $2,250 (must be the same people attending each week)

☀10 weekly lessons — 1.5 hours each, in-person on location

☀Personalized instruction for your group with special support for each individual — choose between customizable styles of yoga: Vinyasa Flow — gentle/intensive, Ashtanga Primary Series/Modified Primary Series/Mixed Series, Restorative, Therapeutic (all guidance given for any style includes detailed alignment cues and options for modifications, time for meditation/contemplation and relaxation)

☀All yoga props necessary for practice and comfort during lessons

☀1-Time Discounted rate for a Seasonal Yoga Retreat Day within 1 year of lessons for each member of your group

☀1 Magareeshi Tea (your choice of flavor, gifted at the first lesson)

I WILL LOVE YOU, AND SQUEEZE YOU, AND CALL YOU GEORGE (and take you on as a private student/group) IF YOU:

  • Don’t skip Savasana

  • Practice between sessions

  • Are looking to be empowered and self-reliant

  • Are dedicated to your well being and growth

  • Are looking for ways to infuse calm mindfulness into your daily life

  • Are willing to apply mindfulness techniques you learn in lessons to your daily life

  • Are open to leading an all natural lifestyle

  • Value our time — are ready for all lesson appointments at the scheduled time

  • Live in the Las Vegas Valley

  • Are willing to laugh, have fun and find joy


I take a limited number of private clients at a time and I take no clients “for life.”  I am truly dedicated to the well being and growth of my private clients!  I only work with people who are willing to practice between our sessions and open to the idea that they are their own best gurus.  

After 25 years of study and teaching I know that if you commit to my program, you WILL be able to confidently embark on a lifelong yoga practice.

The most unique thing about the way I approach working with private clients is:   Instead of you having to “work out” with me at regular intervals for an indefinite period of time, I systematically guide you through customized postures and sequences with in-depth clarity so that after our lessons you are truly empowered with the ability to practice yourself, without a teacher.

Corporate Connectivity Classes.png

Semi-private group classes for up to 30 people at your location: $100 per class,
10 class minimum booked in advance

(any members of your business are welcome to attend any classes with no requirement that they attend all classes)

☀Weekly/Bi-Weekly classes — 1 hour each, in-person on location

☀Personalized instruction for your group — classes will be “mixed levels” and tailored to the students attending

☀All yoga props necessary for practice and comfort during classes

☀All employees who attend classes receive a 1-time discounted rate for a Seasonal Yoga Retreat Day within 1 year of corporate classes

All In The Family Header.png

10 weeks semi-private group classes for up to 10 people at your location: $1,250
(must be the same people attending each week, ideal for the family with children 12 years old and younger)

☀10 weekly lessons — 35-60 minutes each (depending on age of youngest student), in-person on location

☀Personalized instruction for your entire family as a whole to continue practicing together or individually, catered to the kids with guidance geared to help parents lead/encourage/inspire yoga with their children

☀All yoga props necessary for practice, fun and comfort during lessons

☀Resources and materials (or information on where to purchase materials) provided as needed

☀Clear yoga/joyful mindfulness assignments for the whole family between classes

☀1 Magareeshi Tea (gifted at the start of our sessions)

When working with private yoga students, I take a systematic approach to practicing so that postures and breathing exercises are fully understood to the level of personal mastery.  Each session is customized to meet your needs and the entire series of lessons helps you reach your hopes, meet your goals, and keep you growing long after we conclude. 

Private Instruction students typically book in for 1-2, 15 week in-person sessions and then find that they are empowered and skilled enough to maintain their own yoga practice and more mindful, healthy life filled with joy, inspired by yoga.

A lot of times these students will go on to simply attend Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days for tuneups, inspiration, and that sweet community experience you get from yoga classes.  Private Instruction students receive lifetime discounts for Magareeshi offerings such as access to my online members-only website and Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days.


Payments accepted in full upon booking your sessions.
Contact me to schedule your sessions. 

*Members-Only Site is currently being built.