Seasonal Yoga Retreat Days

Take time to retreat and ignite your heart's fire.

"...The light you see by is the light that comes from inside."
-YUKTI 14 of The Radiance Sutras

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Registration and early bird pricing periods are listed below. Space is limited.

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Autumn Yoga Retreat Day: November 9, 2019

Early Bird Discount = Register by October 10th — use code: EARLYBIRD1012


  • Attend two full yoga classes

  • Be guided in meditation

  • Be guided in breathing exercises

  • Learn how to make yummy healthy vegetarian foods in our lunchtime culinary workshop, eat said yummy foods (plus other snacks throughout the day!), and take recipes home with you

  • Participate in discussions, workshops and Q&A's on yoga, philosophy and natural living

  • Learn my simple, specialized journaling technique designed to help you maintain the most positive outlook ever

  • Learn how to make specialty natural products and take what you make home with you


  • $285* (or lots less if you take advantage of the exciting discounts -- see below↓)


  • Come if you are a human over the age of 16.

  • Come if you are new to yoga, if yoga is your life, or if you are somewhere in between.

  • Come if you want to rekindle your zest for natural living, or if you don't even know what natural living really means and you're curious.

  • Come if you like to eat yummy foods that are good for you and you want to sip delicious organic hand blended teas.

  • Come alone or bring a friend (I'm offering a yoga buddy discount!) ... Either way, you're likely to make friends at the retreat!


  • Retreats are currently offered once a season (always on a Saturday, 8:30am-6:30pm) in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada. When you register the exact address will be sent to you.

Take advantage of these nifty discounts!

  • EARLY BIRD = 10% off

  • YOGA BUDDY = 10% off (can be combined with early bird discount)

  • Past attendees get additional special perks like priority registration and exclusive access to a Retreaters Facebook group. Who doesn’t love a good hook up and community connection?! 

Just a few of the recipes retreaters created and took home with them from a Winter Yoga Retreat Day.

Just a few of the recipes retreaters created and took home with them from a Winter Yoga Retreat Day.

These retreat days are truly lovely!
Don't just take my word for it.
Read what past retreat attendees have to say here.


A little backstory ...

I have been a yoga practitioner for over 25 years. Over those years, I've attended countless classes, workshops and trainings to strengthen my skills as a teacher, but you know what I've never attended? A full-on yoga retreat. You know the ones ... you jet off to a tropical paradise where you sip healthy mocktails and do nothing but ponder the various possible placements of your big toe in Warrior Posture between life affirming, contemplative dips in the ocean and trips to the spa for anywhere from a long weekend to a month. Yeah ............... No. It's just never worked out. In all these years. Which seems impossible, but alas, everything is possible. LOL!

It really is kinda laughable; I've helped organize and arrange retreats for yoga teaching friends of mine. I've consulted on the best ways to create a realistic agenda and the best offerings for yoga retreats. I've taught workshops within retreats. I've promoted a ton of retreats. I've just never been a pampered student at one of them.

I don't share this for pity. I'm telling you all this because this 'no yoga retreat status' has gifted me an idea! It occurred to me that if I -- a yoga enthusiast, a drinker-inner of all things yogic, someone who truly understands what a great yoga retreat would be comprised of -- have not been able to make a yoga retreat happen in my life yet, most other people haven't, either. A number of factors can get in the way of taking time out for one's self: finances, timing, teacher availability, space availability, etc.. The two main reasons I hear more than anything are that attending a yoga retreat is a BIG commitment of time and money.

One thing I have become pretty much expert level in is creating a home retreat experience for myself, and supporting clients in doing so, too. Insert a light bulb moment here: WHAT IF A YOGA RETREAT WAS SIMPLE TO ATTEND? WHAT IF A YOGA RETREAT WAS NEARBY? WHAT IF A YOGA RETREAT WAS DURING AN EASY-TO-SCHEDULE-IN AMOUNT OF TIME? WHAT IF A YOGA RETREAT WAS AFFORDABLE?

And that's when it hit me ....


So, that's what I've created for you!  I combine all my skills, talents and passions under one roof to share what I know, give you space to shine and share your gifts, and create a quiet, joyful, connective experience for everyone.

The thing that's so special about yoga retreats is the opportunity to immerse yourself in uninterrupted contemplation, relaxation and rejuvenation without a care or responsibility in the world. This is not something that should be reserved for only an elite few.  Nor should yoga retreats only be attended by long experienced yogis or people who belong to a certain gym, club or studio.  I can't think of a better way to feed your curiosity, deepen your understanding, or hone your inner connection to your happiest self than a yoga retreat!

If you feel the same, click a retreat date at the top of this page to register now. 

It will be my pleasure and my honor to share this special day with you!

*Please note, due to the nature of planning, preparation and cost that goes into making these possible, REFUNDS CANNOT BE ISSUED FOR RETREAT DAYS. 

Make your commitment wisely -- note dates/times of your retreat and make plans to be off work, book the babysitter and the backup babysitter, etc. before registering so you can truly relax from the minute you commit, knowing nothing will stop you from enjoying this wonderful experience.  Within a certain time frame, under certain emergent circumstances, a transfer may be possible, but is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of Magareeshi Productions.  Namasté and thank you for understanding my efforts to run a sustainable retreat program.